Before & After the Shoot


Stick to basic classic cuts as clothes that are too “in fashion” will date the portrait.

Avoid logos on clothes as they can be a distraction, date a portrait and clash with locations.

Avoid prints and colors that are too loud, unless you really dig the Miami car salesman look.

Ensure clothes fit well. Female clients should consider skin-toned bras, strapless bras and seam-free underwear.

Ensure clothes are well ironed and free of lint, pet hair etc.

If you’re thinking about getting a haircut or facial or any other beauty treatment, get it done at least a week before the shoot.

Waxing should be done at least two to three days before a shoot to give the skin a chance to settle down.

If hands and feet are going to be in the shot then get a mani pedi.

Avoid fake tans. If you insist, then please get a professional tan that is correctly applied. Orange skin is yucky!



Within 7 to 10 business days after the shoot you will receive an email and a phone call indicating your personal Gallery is ready. We will schedule a time for a viewing where you can view the prints and decide which images are best for you.

Proofing and Editing

Most people don’t realize the time spent by a photographer in post-production. For every shooting hour, most photographers spend as much as 60 to 90 minutes in post-production. And if a client asks for retouching (see below) that time can grow exponentially. Each image is scrutinized for facial expressions, blurriness, and overall composition. Many times we take two or three photos of an individual or group of people (in the same pose) to help ensure we get one good image. People blink, inadvertently make funny faces (looks like they’re falling asleep, etc.) or moved in a way that takes away from the overall composition of the photograph. In many cases we are able to combine two, or in rare cases three images to compose that one perfect shot. Each image is professionally edited for color, exposure, and minor blemish corrections.

Although our calendar is quite busy, we never book more business than we’re able to handle. We will not compromise our work, reputation or customer reviews to “squeeze one more in.” With that said, we’re sure you’ll understand why we need to charge for Rush Delivery. In order to accomplish that request someone will need to work overtime to get it done.


By now we’ve all seen the photos where a photographer has ruined a beautiful image by over-Photoshopping. Sometimes to the point where the person looks entirely like someone else. We prefer our retouching to look absolutely natural. After all, we happen to think you’re beautiful just the way you are.

Our retouching encompasses the following:

Brightening the whites of the eyes, and in some cases the iris.

Clean up loose hairs, lint and clothing stains.

Remove blemishes, and if requested remove or reduce scars.

Soften and smooth skin. Pore reduction.

Slightly smooth wrinkles.

Whiten teeth and add color to lips if necessary.

When requested alter photo to B&W, or Sepia or many other artistic options.

Background adjustments that take away from what’s important. You!

Remove things that don’t belong; like wires, water bottles, Uncle Charlie. JK!


Once you have examined the photos and decided which images would like we will retouch for printing purposes. We like the retouching to look absolutely natural. A good retouching is unnoticeable. Our retouching style retains skin texture while keeping shading and highlights natural. If needed, we can remove blemishes, even and smooth skin tone, whiten teeth, and enhance colors. At Gary Joseph Photography we strive to make you look your absolute best while still looking like yourself.

Prints, Cards, and Specialty Products

There are way too many products to list here. For a fast and easy way to discover all we have to offer please click on the following link. We promise to NOT disappoint!